Jul 022018

July Ambassador of the Month: Paula Fenn of Halo Branded Solutions!


July’s Ambassador of the Month is Paula Fenn of Halo Branded Solutions: your brand marketing, merchandising and gifting expert! Paula has been part of the Fort Lupton Chamber for many years and jumped in to help and inspire on day one! We asked Paula a few “get to know me” questions:
What is your favorite leisure activity?
“Cooking and gardening (my happy place), I walk my yard and garden at least three times a day, I know every seed and every plant.”
Why are you growing your business in Fort Lupton? 
“Because I love being a part of a community where I can serve and spread lots of goodness and know the people. I adore the small town atmosphere, love walking into a local restaurant and seeing my friends and waiving a hand.”
If you could only choose one favorite aspect of your business, what would it be?
“Lol, I can’t give you one, but having lunch with my customers strengthens the bond and we share our lives, love that! But second would be the creative juices I get to use. Not many jobs allow for conversations and bouncing ideas around.”