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Ambassador of the Month!

Ambassador of the Month

June’s Ambassador of the Month is Karen Mealy of Cruiser Planners. Karen and her husband Bob are Fort Luptonites. You might know Bob from Coyote Creek Golf Course. He is a regular golfer! The couple started with Cruise Planners somewhat recently and have been active Chamber contributors. We asked Karen a few “get to know me” questions:
What is your favorite leisure activity?
“I love photography. Especially nature…wildlife. I’d spend every day at the Wild Animal Sanctuary or up in Rocky Mountain National Park if I could.”
Why are you growing your business in Fort Lupton? 
“We were both born and raised in northern Ohio, moved to Las Vegas, NV in 1995 and then southern Arizona in 2004. We moved to Colorado in 2008 for my job, and bought our house in Fort Lupton in 2009. This area is perfect. We have the winters like Ohio, but only for days at a time and not months! We have heat almost like Nevada and Arizona without the stress and congestion of the big city. From Fort Lupton, an hour in any direction gets us to the nature and beauty of the mountains, to large city excitement and activities, to small town fairs and festivals. There is never a shortage of things to do not only around us but right here in in Fort Lupton. I’m excited to become
more involved with the community.”
If you could only choose one favorite aspect of your business, what would it be?
“My business is travel, who wouldn’t
love that?!?!? Learning about all of the many destinations, exploring everything from their history and culture to the nature and activities each location has to offer is exciting to me. But getting to actually go to some of these areas…it’s
unbelievable. I’ve been so lucky to have been to some amazing places. To be able to help somebody else take their dream vacation…that’s just the icing on the cake!!!











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Friendly Reminder: The June Luncheon will be held at the District Re8 Offices, 200 S Fulton

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